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Yum Cha in Plume Restaurant

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Written by: Lisa

I had lunch in Plume Restaurant, a place where you eat dimsum in Doncaster. People here refer it as "yum cha" which I think it is a term learned from the Hongkie. *Correct me if I am wrong yeah*

Anyway, me and BH did not order much as I am a very light eater, as what he said I eat like a bird and some of my colleagues even said that I am so easy to take care, more like I am a very economical person, since whoever with me do not need to buy a lot of food to feed me. So now, BH should be feeling really lucky!

Here are the few stuff we ordered. I can say the dim sum here is HUGE. I mean, the size of the little tiny dimsum in that wooden basket is BIG compare to Malaysia's dim sum. And it is super duper delicious, fresh and steamy!!!

I personally love this Fried White Bait Fish with a sprinkle of salt on it. Loving it!

Anyone tried any dimsum places in Melbourne before? 

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