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Izakaya Chuji in South Bank

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Written by: Lisa

After work one night, we decided to have sushi and it is one of our favourite cuisine, of course.

So we visited Izakaya Chuji in South Bank, Melbourne. Izakaya Chuji is one of Australia’s oldest Izakaya style restaurants. Established in 1989 it represents true Izakaya style dinning. 


Here are the dishes we've ordered.

Can't go without a good sake! Warm one for this!
Chef at the kaiten 

Presentation on the table

Agedashi Tofu


Sushi & Sashimi Platter
Sake, ordered another one as the 1st small size is finished. This is their large size.

Eel Roll

 Not quite my favourite as I am a sashimi lover. Anything to do with Raw Fish or Salmon...I will go with it.

Check out the damage!

 The ambience is simple, small and nice to dine in. We see many locals and Japanese around as well. They seem to love the food that they've ordered and happily chatting away.

We came here twice by the way. hehe..And also went to their first branch in Lonsdale St.

Food is fresh and the size of the sushi is quite moderate. I find their sake a tad bit expensive though. Well, that's basically their range of price if you check our bill above.

Did you enjoyed your meal when you dine here?

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