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Kenzan in Collins St

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It was BH's birthday and we've decided to celebrate it with another omakase in Kenzan.

The sushi they served is in high quality and very fresh. In fact, I like the scallop sushi in this shop better than any other Japanese shop I've tried. It doesn't have the smelly metal taste in the usual scallop.

Enjoy the photos and just keep in mind that there are some sushi that we didn't managed to capture as we were too happily busy eating the sushi!

Oh yeah, this omakase only come with 1 sushi per plate. Quite expensive compared to Shira Nui and the damage was about $180 (for 2), with sake.



Teriyaki Beef Sushi

Scallop Sushi!!!!!

Chef at work

Anyone tried the omakase here???

Kenzan Japanese on Urbanspoon

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