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Mahjong Black in Little Collins St


Menu Cover

We went to Mahjong Black in 118 Little Collins Street to celebrate our anniversary. 

BH decided to bring me there after one very good experience in that restaurant. The ambience of the restaurant is just stunning and the food is so sophisticated.

You got to call to get a reservation

I have wanted to blog about this but had been extremely busy lately. 

Entree Menu

We ordered a few dishes and will be posting the photos from here, but apologize for the quality as I used my iPhone 3GS to capture it. My point and shoot camera has since gone nuts and died on me few months back. 

Bun and sesame seed for dipping served before our meals

A good red wine to go with our dishes

Almost all our dishes are entree and it is huge portion...

Beef with mandarin sauce

Crispy Fried Mushroom and Eggplant with spicy salt
I didn't quite like the dish but you should try coz it's just individual taste different....

Steamed Silky Egg with Scallop
I love this dish as the scallop taste so good! It enhanced the flavour of the whole dish!

Peking Duck
Oh! This is simply awesome - the peking duck is soft and boneless with that plum sauce! A must try! Our favourite!

Salt and Pepper Calamari

This dish is a must try as well, our favourite.

How do I rate this? We will surely go again. It is a good fine and dining restaurant that serve Chinese food.

Will you go? 

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"Urbanspoon rocks"


  1. wow! love the surrounding, so romantic :D

  2. yes, the ambiance is really lovely and romantic