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Hanabishi Japanese Restaurant

We went to Hanabishi Japanese Restaurant after referring to Urbanspoon in our iPhone application. 

We like the quality of the sushi they served, fresh and good quantity, really. However, it might be a little pricey for those who prefer a budget sushi restaurant. 

Sushi Bar


Appetizer given by the chef before we start :)

We ordered this lovely sake!

Then our main dish arrived...

Sushi Eel!! Look at the size of it and underneath that rice

Agedashi tofu, split into two bowls for myself and BH

Our sushi platter


yummy! Their dishes are all good. Very fresh and lovely. 

Although it comes with a price :D

We forgot to take a photo of the bill ...

Anyone of you tried this restaurant? How would you rate it? 

Hanabishi Japanese on Urbanspoon


  1. I've been there - yes the food is lovely! :)

  2. yeah, love the texture of their fresh sashimi too :D