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Sake Bar Kura

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BH brought me to this little shop located at the Malthouse Lane during winter this year. Yes, this post is very late. 

That's how big the place ..

I went in to find how small the restaurant the Kura is with only 1 staff cooking in the kitchen. Although they have a joining corridor to another side for customers who prefers to dine something else in a bigger space. The side we went to was at the back of the restaurant. 

Corridor link to another side
BH ordering

The kitchen

The one and only staff

A sign saying you should order Here       
Buy 5 Japanese Skewers get 2 free!
The entrance that greeted us

Here comes our skewers!
Our sake and beer!

I got to say the food is good! Now don't expect really good service and good English here. ^_^ But at least it is not very bad. Acceptable to me as I am not complaining... LOL

Beer menu


Food menu!
Excuse the quality of the menu photos as the place is very dim & I took the photos with my iPhone, the only thing handy.... 

Did you tried the place? How was it?

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